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13 Diwali moments you may not have known

Diwali, the “festival of lights” is India’s favorite celebration as friends and families from all over the country come together to celebrate the festival. It is an undeniable fact that all of us, as kids and even as adults, await with pleasure to celebrate Diwali, or at least I do. Excitement and enthusiasm fill our houses as the D-day gets close. Don’t we all have memorable Diwali moments that we recollect and live again during every year’s celebration? With Diwali fast approaching, we are here to rekindle those happy Diwali moments and take you down the memory lane.

Best Diwali moments

1. Kickstart your Diwali plans

As a kid, each of us would have planned the Diwali celebrations a week prior to the festival. While our parents were eager to renew the look of our homes, we were keen on shopping and eating sweets. Although a hectic job, you would have helped your mother in cleaning your house. And not to forget the happy moments we had with our pals while decorating our homes with colorful diyas and string lights.

2. Let’s go shopping

The fun part of celebrating Diwali is shopping. I bet you would have chalked out a long list of items including new clothes, jewelry, gifts, and buying crackers every year. Don’t we all remember visiting local markets a week before Diwali to buy fancy lamps, rangoli powder, and garlands? I can still vividly remember my mother bargaining with the vendors while I was busy ticking off the items from my list. 

3. Food comes first

Speaking of Diwali, how could we forget the delicious sweets and savories prepared by our mother and grandmother. I am pretty sure everyone you would have involved in some mischief while helping your mothers in the kitchen. Along with the aroma and taste of the Diwali snacks, these memories will also last forever.

4. Kindle the artist in you

Diwali is incomplete without colorful rangolis outside the house. Even you would have taken so much effort in selecting a rangoli design, sketching it on paper and completing the colors. Also, your joy would have known no bounds when relatives and neighbors appreciate your beautiful rangolis. And not to forget the sense of relief you get when kids do not step on the rangolis and ruin them, right! 

5. Yayy, its Diwali! 

The day of Diwali dawns early as every person in the family wakes up soon and gears up for the celebrations. While you wouldn’t have slept the previous day musing about the celebrations, I bet you still would have been the first person in the house to wake up. Unlike any other day, you would have bathed early, worn new clothes, indulged in puja rituals. After a yummy breakfast, you would have waited for friends and cousins to join you in bursting crackers, didn’t you?

6. Embrace Green Diwali although you love bursting crackers

Although called the festival of lights, Diwali is all about bursting crackers. As we reminisce about Diwali, making a list of desired crackers and pestering our parents to buy them are the foremost memories that pop in our head. Wasn’t it fun as a kid when you drafted the list of your favorite chakras, flower pots, sparklers and rockets with your friends? On the before night of Diwali, how many of you have won the competition of bursting the cracker at midnight? We have all had our moments betting on the loudest bombs, longest 10,000 walas, and colourful aerial displays - 250 shots, crunching 100 shots and the most colorful whistling rockets.

7. Get the party started

Diwali is the time when relatives from far and near reconnect and cement ties. What is Diwali without cards and indoor games? Who doesn’t like to spend the day with friends and cousins playing rummy, dumb charades, and board games, eating out and going to movie theatres? 

8. Lighten the world

Rightly called the festival of lights, we light up earthen lamps, clay diyas, and decorative candles on Diwali. These lamps not only brighten our homes but also illuminate the festive ambiance.

9. Family above all

Diwali reminds us of togetherness and we create many eternal Diwali happy moments while spending time with family. How fun it is to burst crackers together, click several pictures, go to temples, visit relatives and watch new movie releases. This is a great occasion to bond rather than being attached to electronics and social media.

10. Make time for a meet and greet

We all look forward to meeting and exchanging gifts and sweets with our relatives and neighborhood during Diwali. This is a great opportunity to wish them good luck and prosperity throughout the year.

11. Bring on the night show

Be it during childhood or even now, we all look forward to enjoying the night aerial fireworks. I am certain that you all would have raced your way to the terrace to witness the rockets boom into colorful sparkles in the sky. Aren’t the shimmering flames and the scintillating blazes from chakras and flower pots are wonderful sights to enjoy? 

12. The after-session of fireworks

Not to mention the whole cleaning process to be done once we finish bursting firecrackers. I bet you all had your moment fighting with your siblings to escape from this chore. But the fun is everywhere in Diwali. Who doesn’t like to throw around the burst papers and goof around with the burnt rocket sticks? With time, I have become mature and wise enough to understand that cleanliness is the most important part of the Diwali and learned to do it happily. How about you?

13. Diwali moments at school

Every one of us has happy Diwali moments at school that we could never forget. Do you remember the times when our schools would host competitions like rangoli drawing and decorating the classroom and distribute sweet boxes? Correct me if I’m wrong but those are the moments we can never get back. Oh yes we should remember how fun it was standing next to your friend and burning the sparklers and flower pots at the school playground.  
Diwali is the festival of lights, togetherness, and happiness. Beautifully decorated homes, earthen lamps that spread light everywhere, the delightful smell of the tasty sweets and the warmth of family and friends define Diwali in India. We can witness traditional Indian rituals and culture during the Diwali festivities. The celebrations are reverberant and colorful, thus creating treasured memories and happy moments that last for a lifetime.  
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Interesting things about firework - Enjoy fireworks

Know more new things about fireworks - Buy crackers 
  • The interesting documentation of firecrackers goes back to seventh century China. They were created over 2000 years back in China. 
  • China is the biggest producer and exporter of firecrackers on the planet. 90% of all firecrackers start from here. Buy fireworks with the trendy collections
  • In 1240 the Arabs procured learning of explosive. A Syrian named Hasan al-Rammah composed of firecrackers utilizing terms that recommended he got his insight from Chinese sources. 
  • The principal recorded firecrackers in England were at the wedding of King Henry VII in 1486. 
  • Envisioning about firecrackers implies that you get a kick out of the chance to be the focal point of consideration and are flaunting to others. It additionally symbolizes energy and invigoration.
  • Buy firecrackers were utilized to go with numerous merriments, frighten away abhorrence spirits and advance flourishing. 
  • The biggest chocolate firecracker was measuring 3m high and 1.5m in distance across and containing 60kg of Swiss Cailler chocolates. The firecracker was discharged in Zurich on New Year's Eve 2002. 
  • Firecrackers are awful for creatures. Continuously keep mutts and felines inside the house when firecrackers are being let off. Remain quiet and ensure they have some place to stow away. 
  • The greatest event for firecrackers in the UK is Guy Fawkes Night (fifth November). It is a festival of the coming up short of the Gunpowder Plot on 5 November 1605, an endeavor to slaughter King James I at the Houses of Parliament. 
  • The biggest firecracker rocket is 13kg and was delivered and propelled in Portugal in 2010. 
  • Ruler Elizabeth was so captivated with firecrackers that she made a privileged title, "Fire Master of England" for the person who made the best firecrackers. 
  • The word for firecracker in Japanese, 'hanabi', which really signifies "fire-bloom". 
  • Amédée-François Frézier distributed a "Treatise on Fireworks" in 1706, covering the recreational and formal employments of firecrackers. The book turned into a standard content for firecrackers producers. 
  • A rocket can achieve rates of 150mph, however the shell can reach as high as 200 meters. 
  • A sparkler consumes at a temperature more than 15 times the breaking point of water. Three sparklers consuming together produce an indistinguishable warmth from a blowtorch. At the point when your sparkler goes out, place it in a can of water. 
  • France utilizes firecrackers to observe Bastille Day and celebrate raging the jail of Bastille. 
  • The record for the biggest firecracker show comprised of 66,326 firecrackers and was accomplished in Portugal in 2006. 
  • Friction based electricity in engineered attire can set off sparklers. Individuals making sparklers wear just cotton attire while making fireworks. 
  • Italy was the primary nation to genuinely ace and try different things with firecrackers in Europe. They were the first to utilize shells for sparklers to be stacked into standards and shot into the air. 
  • Half of all firecracker wounds are to kids less than 16 years old.Buy crackers and enjoy the eve with your kids

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Do you know Sparkler work?

All firecrackers are not made equivalent! For instance, there is a contrast between a sparkler and a sparkler. The objective of a sparkler is to make a controlled blast. A sparkler, then again, consumes over a drawn out stretch of time (up to a moment) and produces a splendid shower of flashes. Some of the time sparklers are called "snowballs" in reference to the bundle of flashes that encompasses the consuming piece of the sparkler.

Sparkler Chemistry

  • A sparkler comprises of a few substances: 
  • An oxidizer 
  • A fuel 
  • Press, steel, aluminum, or other metal powder 
  • A flammable fastener 

Notwithstanding these segments, colorants and mixes to direct the substance response additionally might be included. Frequently, firecracker fuel is charcoal and sulfur. Sparklers basically may utilize the cover as the fuel. The cover is normally sugar, starch, or shellac. Potassium nitrate or potassium chlorate might be utilized as oxidizers. Metals are utilized to make the flashes. Sparkler formulae might be very basic.

For instance, a sparkler may comprise just of potassium perchlorate, titanium or aluminum, and dextrin.

Sparkler Reaction Details

Since you've seen the sythesis of a sparkler, how about we consider how these chemicals respond with each other:


Oxidizers deliver oxgen to consume the blend. Oxidizers are normally nitrates, chlorates, or perchlorates. Nitrates are comprised of a metal particle and a nitrate particle. Nitrates surrender 1/3 of their oxygen to yield nitrites and oxygen. The subsequent condition for potassium nitrate resembles this:

2 KNO3(solid) → 2 KNO2(solid) +O2(gas)

Chlorates are comprised of a metal particle and the chlorate particle. Chlorates surrender the greater part of their oxygen, causing a more marvelous response. Be that as it may, this likewise implies they are touchy. A case of potassium chlorate yielding its oxygen would resemble this:

2 KClO3(solid) → 2 KCl(solid) + 3 O2(gas)

Perchlorates have more oxygen in them, however are less inclined to detonate because of effect than are chlorates. Potassium perchlorate yields its oxygen in this response:

KClO4(solid) → KCl(solid) + 2 O2(gas)

Diminishing Agents

The diminishing specialists is the fuel used to consume the oxygen created by the oxidizers. This burning produces hot gas. Cases of lessening specialists are sulfur and charcoal, which respond with the oxygen to shape sulfur dioxide (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2), individually.


Two diminishing specialists might be consolidated to quicken or moderate the response. Likewise, metals influence the speed of the response. Better metal powders respond more rapidly than coarse powders or drops. Different substances, for example, cornmeal, likewise might be added to manage the response. Crackers are more controlled and well safely produced


Covers hold the blend together. For a sparkler, regular fasteners are dextrin (a sugar) hosed by water, or a shellac compound hosed by liquor. The cover can fill in as a lessening specialist and as a response arbitrator.

How Does a Sparkler Work? 

How about we set up everything together: A sparkler comprises of a synthetic blend that is shaped onto an inflexible stick or wire. These chemicals frequently are blended with water to frame a slurry that can be covered on a wire (by plunging) or filled a tube. Once the blend dries, you have a sparkler. Aluminum, press, steel, zinc or magnesium tidy or chips might be utilized to make the splendid, sparkling flashes. The metal drops warm up until the point that they are radiant and sparkle brilliantly or, at a sufficiently high temperature, really consume. An assortment of chemicals can be added to make hues. The fuel and oxidizer are proportioned, alongside alternate chemicals, so that the sparkler consumes gradually as opposed to detonating like a sparkler. When one end of the sparkler is touched off, it consumes continuously to the next end. In principle, the finish of the stick or wire is reasonable to help it while consuming. Buy Fireworks are most impressive thinks for all kids and parents

Critical Sparkler Reminders

Clearly, flashes falling off of a consuming stick show a fire and consume risk. Less clearly, sparklers contain at least one metals to make the flashes and any hues, so they can display a wellbeing peril. For instance, they ought not be scorched on cakes as candles or generally utilized as a part of a way which could prompt utilization of the fiery debris

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Components in Fireworks

Crackers are a conventional piece of numerous festivals, including Independence Day. There is a great deal of material science and science required in making firecrackers. Their hues originated from the distinctive temperatures of hot, shining metals and from the light discharged by copying synthetic mixes. Synthetic responses impel them and burst them into unique shapes. Here's a component by-component take a gander at what is included in your normal firecracker:


– Aluminum is utilized to create silver and white flares and starts. It is a typical part of sparklers.


– Antimony is utilized to make firecracker sparkle impacts.


– Barium is utilized to make green hues in fireworks, and it can likewise help balance out other unstable components.


– Calcium is utilized to extend firecracker hues. Calcium salts deliver orange firecrackers.


– Carbon is one of the principle parts of dark powder, which is utilized as a propellent in firecrackers. Carbon gives the fuel to a firecracker.

Regular structures incorporate carbon dark, sugar, or starch.


– Chlorine is an imperative part of numerous oxidizers in firecrackers. A few of the metal salts that deliver hues contain chlorine.


– Copper mixes deliver blue hues in firecrackers.


– Iron is utilized to deliver flashes. The warmth of the metal decides the shade of the sparkles.


– Lithium is a metal that is utilized to give a red shading to firecrackers. Lithium carbonate, specifically, is a typical colorant.


– Magnesium consumes a splendid white, so it is utilized to include white starts or enhance the general brightness of a crackers.


– Fireworks incorporate oxidizers, which are substances that create oxygen with the end goal for consuming to happen. The oxidizers are normally nitrates, chlorates, or perchlorates. Now and then a similar substance is utilized to give oxygen and shading.


– Phosphorus consumes suddenly in air and is additionally in charge of some shine oblivious impacts. It might be a segment of a firecracker's fuel.


– Potassium oxidizes firecracker blends. Potassium nitrate, potassium chlorate, and potassium perchlorate are immeasurably essential oxidizers.


– Sodium grants a gold or yellow shading to firecrackers, notwithstanding, the shading might be bright to the point that it covers less serious hues.


– Sulfur is a segment of dark powder. It is found in a firecracker's force/fuel.


– Strontium salts grant a red shading to firecrackers. Strontium mixes are additionally vital for settling firecrackers blends.


– Titanium metal can be scorched as powder or pieces to deliver silver flashes.


– Zinc is utilized to make smoke impacts for firecrackers and other pyrotechnic gadgets.

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